Removing a ‘Smart Spout’ from a Wavian Bayonet Fuel Can

1: Press the tip of the spout to reduce the pressure of fuel vapour in the fuel can.

2:Pull back the lever of the fuel spout to remove the product from the fuel can.

3: Remove the fuel spout.

4: Important!
Before closing the fuel can lid, pull the lid with the hinge up by the lever.

5:Push the lever forward until the lid completely covers the neck opening.
If the lever does not move forward – see step No. 4.
The lever with the lid should move easily. Closing with too much force will damage the fuel can.

6: Close the lever by pressing the lever down as far as it will go.

7: Insert the locking pin through the lever and rotate it 90 degrees.

8: Caution!
Whenever tilted, make sure that the fuel can is airtight.

9: If the fuel can is equipped with a fuel spout holder, attach the spout to the holder for easier transportation.

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