Warnings & Recommendations on Wavian Fuel Spouts ‘Smart Spout’

Fuel can be UNDER PRESSURE and there may be a fuel SPILLAGE! At heightened fuel temperatures (above 50 °C) in a closed fuel can, as well as at high altitudes (300+ metres above sea level), pressure in the fuel can may increase. Rapid opening of the fuel can in such conditions could cause a fuel spillage.

Open the fuel can slowly and carefully.

Do not fill the fuel can more than its nominal capacity.

Do not store the fuel can in heat or in direct sunlight. Do not store the fuel can in wet places or in the rain.

Fuel and its vapours are highly flammable – do not smoke or use an open flame when using a fuel can.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when filling units, engines, etc. Do not fill hot and/or running units!

Keep the fuel can out of the reach of children and in a well-ventilated area.


The spout is only compatible with 5 and 10 litre fuel cans manufactured by Wavian, we are not responsible for the compatibility of the product with metal fuel cans made by other manufacturers.
The Wavian “SMART SPOUT” fuel spout cannot be installed on Wavian 20 L fuel cans, as the weight of a full fuel can is too large for the spout to support it.
Make sure that the seal is not damaged (cracked, torn). Replace it if damaged.

The Wavian “Smart Spout” fuel spout is equipped with an automatic filling stop function – the filling is stopped when the fuel reaches the fuel spout tip or by lifting the spout from the neck of the tank that is being filled.
Before filling the fuel and removing the fuel spout, press the tip of the spout to even out the fuel vapour pressure in the fuel can.

After using the spout, remove the spout from the fuel can and close the lid of the fuel can. Make sure that the fuel can is hermetically sealed. Remember that after use, the inside of the spout and the seal is coated with fuel.
When transporting the fuel can, the spout has to be removed from the neck of the fuel can, as it does not ensure that the fuel can is airtight.

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